Data Solutions

Making sense of complex data and putting it to work

Drowning in disconnected data? Start working with us. We provide an end-to-end user experience so that you can collect, clean, manage and optimize your data quickly.

Our data platform is powered by Snowflake

Simplifying complex data and making it more valuable

Disparate technology has led to disconnected data sets — finding one data point is like finding a needle in a haystack and processing data takes too much time. Our completely connected data network stores and computes data in one, highly secure cloud environment, which means you can process large amounts of data at rapid rates.

Highest quality data as the norm, not the exception

You can’t scale with stale data. We process 11TB of data per month across over 50 million multi-custodial accounts, at an accuracy rate of 99.35%.*

More speed and access 

Because you manage the data under one roof, your team will have top-tier processing speeds and immediate access to your most valuable data.


Accelerate growth with powerful data intelligence

When you have a bird’s-eye view into your firm’s activity, you can analyze firm-wide performance and identify trends and opportunities to improve productivity.

Expanding our solutions so data can do more for you

Built on our ability to aggregate, normalize and deliver data that’s timely, accurate and easy to access. Our data solutions get you access to those capabilities and more.

By the numbers

  • $5.3T
    Assets on platform
  • 66K
  • 51M
  • 486
    Product companies

Source: Pershing X Wealth Reporting and Insights. All data is as of December 31, 2022. *12 month average for 2022.

More data. Fewer limitations. Less time wasted finding the signal in the noise.

  • Integrations with frame-in features, and functionalities

  • Branding options will be available to customize client reports

  • Support for niche market offerings

  • Insights generated with analytics and blended data sets

  • Minimized integration, maintenance and resource costs

  • Unified workflows and a comprehensive view of asset

  • Simple and secure enterprise-level data delivery
  • High-quality, holistic data sets at your fingertips

Open, flexible solutions to help power business decisions

In our current Wealth Reporting and Insights platform we collect data from over 400 data sources and consolidate it, creating accessible, integrated and interoperable systems out of noisy complexity.

Data Products

Expand your data universe with our robust architecture and infrastructure.

Data Platform

The Pershing X Data Platform turns your siloed datasets into connected, intelligent information.



Data Marketplace

We enable access to the most widely used data applications and provide integrations, ensuring that any customer can access the most essential data, cleaned and enriched by our systems, in all their most critical workflows.


Leading the industry in ease of digital transformation

The data infrastructure created by the Pershing X data team can be deployed on your own platform and initiatives or as part of the Wove advisor platform. We’ve done all the work to make for a simple, fast transformation to a new data platform or to Wove. Less time spent on transitioning, more time on tasks that get results.

Custodian powered

We have multi-custodial data, and because we have seamless access to Pershing’s custodial data, users can access transaction data with no need for further aggregation, making it simple and easy to convert to Wove.

Quick client data integration

Put all end client data to work faster and more efficiently than dozens of conflicting third-party platforms because it’s all sourced on the same platform - Snowflake.


Designed to be customized 

With both our data and advisory platforms together, you can get deeply personalized workflows without sacrificing the ability to get up and running quickly.


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