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BNY Mellon Advisors, Inc. brings together the expertise of BNY Mellon’s investment teams and delivers it through best-in-class technology from our affiliate, Pershing X.

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The investment universe is growing tremendously, the capital markets remain unpredictable and investor demand has skyrocketed. 


Our set of solutions, strategies and models developed using our depth of resources, data and proven expertise can help you make sound decisions for your clients faster. We can ease the burden of research and portfolio management, so you can get back to focusing on growth for you and your clients.


A Time-Tested Investment Process

Our process brings together experts* across capital markets, asset allocation, manager research, manager selection, portfolio construction and portfolio management to curate actionable insights. We leverage these perspectives to create tailored solutions and help you navigate uncertain markets for your clients.




Powered by the Expertise of BNY Mellon

Tap into the scale and resources of a top 10 global asset manager* delivering advice, products and services for you and your clients. Our team of investment professionals have an average of 24 years of industry experience (as of March 31, 2023) covering markets across a broad span of asset classes, sectors and regions.


The Scale it Takes to be Cutting Edge

With BNY Mellon serving both institutional and retail wealth managers, we have the access and resources you need to stay ahead of investment trends and offer scalable, customized solutions to help meet investor needs.






*Refers to BNY Mellon Investment Management one of the world’s leading investment management organizations, encompassing BNY Mellon’s affiliated investment management firms and global distribution companies. BNY Mellon is the corporate brand of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and may also be used as a generic term to reference the Corporation as a whole or its various subsidiaries generally. 

Curation enables customization at scale.

Portfolio solutions

Access a diverse suite of managed portfolios, spanning both risk-based and objective-based strategies that are customizable to help meet a range of client needs.



Retail outsourced investment solutions

Rely on our experts for overlay management, portfolio design and analysis support capabilities.



Tax management

Tax management is complex. Having the correct tools and support to achieve after-tax results is paramount in today’s markets. Our tax management solutions support you from the transition of accounts to ongoing tax management.

Portfolio Solutions

Investment portfolios designed by our team of investment experts who research, develop and maintain a curated list of managers or of managers of your choosing, as well as design and manage asset allocation models inclusive of proprietary and third-party models. Our portfolios are aligned to our investment philosophy where we blend an active and passive management approach with a long-term view designed to help you meet the varying needs of your clients.

Managed Accounts

Access a tailored suite of managed portfolios designed for emerging to ultra-high-net-worth investors, including mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) wrap accounts, separately managed accounts and unified managed accounts, as well as an expansive menu of third-party strategist models.


BNY Mellon Precision Direct IndexingSM

As portfolio manager, the Mellon Investments team manages cash flows, index rebalances and corporate actions within the context of tax loss harvesting/tax management. The portfolio solution is designed to deliver tax-efficient beta exposure to clients in customized solutions at scale.


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Collaborating with top third-party strategists:

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Retail Outsourced Investment Advisor Services

Program and Product Consulting

Trust our experts to help you customize your investment advisory program. We advise on product selection, due diligence, customizable risk tolerance questionnaires, advanced suitability and more.

Portfolio Consulting

Dedicated resources to assist with portfolio design and construction, manager research, large case support, portfolio analysis and tax transition analysis. 



Overlay Services

Select us as a trusted fiduciary for overlay management on your unified managed account offering.



Custom Tax Management

Tax Optimization

Our advanced tax optimizer incorporates client specifications and tax management logic to optimize a customized portfolio of holdings based on the selected model. It considers trade-offs between short and long term, wash sales, tracking error and capital gains budget on a daily basis.



Tax Scenario Planning Tool

Accessible in the Wove platform, the tool helps you create personalized portfolios that are aligned with your client’s unique needs, preferences and values while maintaining the objective of the model of your choice. Create tax-optimized model transitions, set tax budgets, monitor impacts on tracking error and generate client-ready analysis.


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