Data Platform

The Pershing X Data Platform turns your siloed datasets into connected, intelligent information. Revolutionize your business with data that is:

  • Multi-custodial: View client data across multiple custody sources to present a more complete picture of your book of business

  • Reliable: Employ a single, authoritative source of normalized, consistent, comparable data

  • Insightful: Use our data model to explore relationships between datasets, understand unique valuations by asset class, and create meaningful benchmarks

  • Efficient: Leverage a single point of access for enriched data that is fit for purpose to eliminate downstream processing

Our Wealth Reporting and Insights platform is in use to churn through data for over 67,000 advisors across more than 51,000 accounts. With a cloud-based data platform that enables data processing at scale, you can consume complete, consistent, timely data across your entire tech stack.

Ask us how we can enable cloud-based data sharing via the Snowflake partner network.

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